~ astrocytomajames ~

30 – something living with a lesion and trending with a tumour…

~ WHO grade III anaplastic astrocytoma ~

~ awake craniotomy ~

~ 59.3 Gy radiotherapy ~

~ 12x cycles of chemotherapy ~

~ blogging virgin ~

“a lot that is not desirable is eminently survivable”

  • The results are in…

    June 8, 2020 by

    #25 Super happy about this. Will be raising a glass this evening! (Then doing some ironing tomorrow – that is 1x creased T-shirt)…! Jx

  • Re-E-wind…

    June 7, 2020 by

    #24 Sorry for jumping ahead to 2020 in the previous blog but I thought 1x year seizure free was an acceptable reason to do so. Let’s go back to Autumn 2019 (cue the wavy crossfade and harp sounds)… 3/4x days after being discharged from hospital, my symptoms from campylobacter had pretty much vanished. The day… Read more

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