The M-RI-athon…


I started this blog entry back in NOVEMBER 2020…! Sorry. I’ll keep it brief.

November was post the virtual London Marathon…post my 40th birthday…post my October MRI scan and the resulting consultation with the neurologist.

A lot has happened but I know you’re all thinking…how’s Ava?!

The answer is awesome and cute and fun and mischievous – the grandchild of the family for sure.

Anyway. Onto the next most serious subject – the marathon…!

Do you remember that weekend in early October, when the rain fell permanently for 48x hours and the wind blew all day, every day? Well…that was the weekend we ran 26.2 miles on the blustery seafront of Brighton.

It was, quite frankly, horrific.

Need I say more…

I was running alongside my buddy Scott who was running for Brain Research UK and I was heartened by the fact he was equally taken back (literally) by the conditions!

This was literally 5x miles in…absolutely soaked!

At least we were running and keeping ‘warm’. I cannot thank the people who came to cheers us along in the cold and wet, springing up and surprising us along the route. Thank you to my mum and dad, Brenda and Patrick, Jo, Gemma, Marina, Mark and the boys, Sara, JJ and Carly and Bobbi plus Brett, Linsey, Eva and Isla. Couldn’t have done it without you – especially Scott. I really struggled with the last few miles but he got me through it. I do not like battle language generally but this was a big ‘f*** you’ cancer!

Thank you for all the generous donations too. We raised over £5,000 for Macmillan which I feel extremely proud about. To everyone who donated, thank you. 

We had a very gluttonous meal that night and I was treated to the best cake EVER on the eve of my 40th birthday. Thank you all so much to everyone involved!

Complete with mixing desk detail…!

Last but not least, leaves the immaterial matter of the MRI and consultation re: my brain tumour(!)

The MRI was standard procedure, one scan to show the current size of the tumour and one (with prefusion) to show how much blood was being used by different (potentially cancerous) parts of the brain. 

The radiographers were accommodating as always – they even let me take a selfie!

All aboard…!

A week later, I had my telephone consultation. I was expecting to chat to Dr C~ but it was a different voice on the phone this time. The conversation started with discussions about my current medication and any seizure updates – #unsettling.

Anyone having a medical diagnosis conversation wants to hear ‘hi, your scans look great…’ from the outset so it was a bit unnerving to start with 10x minutes of questions about my medication and current health status.

The Dr eventually dropped in ‘your scan images haven’t changed’ which were the words I wanted to hear.

“Hang on, did you just say the MRI scan results haven’t changed AKA were stable?!”


Such a relief. You could’ve told me earlier…! Anyway.

So there was no change which (I’ve always said) is as good as a win. This meant my next scheduled scan would be in 2021 and at the time, that felt like a lifetime away. Winner!


As stated above, I started writing this blog post 4x months ago in November 2020. 4x months later in February 2021 (today) I am finally finishing it which coincides with my next/my latest MRI scan. Time to get back to medical business…

4 thoughts on “The M-RI-athon…

  1. Great to hear this update. The marathon was huge achievement in atrocious conditions – a belated ‘well done’ to you and Scott. Ava captures everyone’s heart – what a lucky dog to join the Hudds’!

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  2. That was a great 40th birthday weekend James. Celebrated in a very unusual way for sure! Spent with your amazing friends and our family (only in groups of 6 on separate tables, well policed by the bar staff, very amusing) The weather was so bad but you boys did an incredible job, really up against it, even your times were fast, wind assisted from right to left! Huge thanks to everybody for everything, and thank you Scott for being such a great friend and support, that day and every day in your bonkers house! Great read James xxx

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